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China Treadmill | Fitness Equipment | Home Gym with Reliable Quality

What happens here is the electricity from the HF welder passes

High Frequency Welding works like this. First you have the metal and you need to join it. You hook up the ground clamp from the welder to the metal and then you take the welding rod and strike the area like a match where you want to ... [more]

With the admonition of HF Welding machine

HF Welding is acclimated for bearing assorted articles like Medical Accoutrements HF Welding. Medical accoutrements are aswell bogus by appliance the HF Welding machine. HF Welding acquire the sealing adequacy ...


A typical plastic welder consists of a High Frequency Welding generator

A typical plastic welder consists of a High Frequency Welding generator (which creates the radio frequency current), a pneumatic press, an electrode that transfers the radio frequency current to the material that is being welded and ... [more]

HF Welder is easy to learn

HF Welder is easy to learn, bit difficult to learn to do correctly.

There are even a lot of professional metal companies out there that abuse MIG, because of a lack of knowledge and not enough ...


As your High Frequency Welding Machine age you may find connections

As your High Frequency Welding Machine  age you may find connections can become a little loose and contact may not be made quite as well.

When this happens you will notice four things.

    There will be flashes ... [more]

Types of welding

It is vital for you to know welder types for your particular job before buying a RF Welder. What you buy really depends on what it is you are going to do with it.

Types ...


Get The Facts Before Buying A Treadmill

Commercial Treadmill accept become the hottest home exercise accessories choice. Basic treadmill models can alpha at $100 and can go up to $5000. It could be aphotic alfresco or even snowing but with a home ...


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