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Cherise su

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A personal life

Summoning scrolls

Summoning scrolls are demanded to do a familiar's special move. The special scrolls can perform vary widely and are closely connected to the familiar.

You must have the familiar summoned that the scrolls are tied to in order to use them. Using a scroll does not means to using any ... [more]

Great annual for all the Runescape players

Great annual for all the Runescape players, that Runescape appear the alpha of the Chronicle, RS Legends Bankrupt Beta live. It is the aboriginal affiliate in the RS Gold adventure of rs new action agenda game. You just charge to assurance up and accept the key. If don't apperceive how to start, ... [more]


With a move to HTML5, it should be easier for Jagex to convert Runescape 3 to run on other platforms, with tablets an obvious destination. Again, WebGL and proper HTML5 support is vital, but it's not the only hurdle to overcome.

"HTML5 can run on certain Android devices," said ... [more]

Quest guide for Lost City

Background: In the swamps there is a magical lost city. Many adventurers have taken a try to search for the city but all failed. Now it’s your turn to find out the secrets of the city of Zanaris.

Needed: 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting. Rangers: The best unstrung bow you can both fletch ... [more]

Procedural generation on a planetary scale

Upcoming online game No Man's Sky takes things one step further by procedurally generating entire planets for you to explore. Every planet in the game will be unique, featuring various different environments and topographical combinations. The developers are even claiming that each planet's ... [more]

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