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Rewards you can gain from Araxxor in rs

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Rewards you can gain from Araxxor in rs

With the release of Araxxor just around the corner, there is a lot of information outside. In order to get involved in it, you are now able to get some details from in-game events and a live Q&A taking questions from the Twitch chat. Also, you can now get cheap rs gold from 4rsgold with extra discount to get ready for the launching of Araxxor.

The Location of the Araxxor in rs will be
Araxxor can be solo'd or duo'd, with duoing causing the boss to be twice as hard and requiring twice the damage.
Araxxor's cave is located in Eastern Morytania, just south of the Port (Charter boats) and near the skilling chinchompas. There is a hole in the port's southern wall, a future shortcut from just near the bank.
Best transport method is use of the Ectophial and then bank in the city (no amulet needed). Ectophial requires Ghosts Ahoy quest. Shortcut requires 92 Agility.

Rewards you can gain from Araxxor in rs
Rewards are the Noxious longbow, scythe, and staff. Araxyte arrows will be required for the bow and is a guaranteed drop.
The weapons are degradable, but do not turn to dust on degrading. The weapons have a special attack called Mirrorback. Their stats are 1147 Dmg/2458
Exclusion of weapon drops, reward average is estimated 300k-400k, 200k more on instances to make up for cost. And XP reward is 19k.
Lastly, final component drops will be announced globally, with the possible addition announcing the first Araxxor kill on all paths.

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You are now able to ask for any questions in runescape forum, and some of them will be pitched to Chris live on air.
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