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How to participate in 4rsgold Facebook Bidding

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How to participate in 4rsgold Facebook Bidding

New year's greetings to you all. 4rsgold Facebook has added an auction app for you to bid for cheapest RS 3 gold, OSRS gold, RS Fire Capes, RS07 accounts and other RS products on 4rsgold.com. Beware, all these products will start with $0.1. Time is definitely limited for each product, while chances befall on lucky dogs with adequate preparations. We are ready to list new products, and are you ready to place your bidding?

All RS products from 4rsgold Auction start with $0.1.
Quite different from other auction houses, 4rsgold facebook auction would like to offer best RS products with cheapest price so that you all can save money to the most. With only $0.1 starting price for all products including RS gold, RS account, RS Fire Capes and other RS items for hot sale, we are devoted to allow you the biggest sale.

How to participate in 4rsgold Facebook Bidding?
1. Place your bidding: Find out our Bidding Now app on 4rsgold facebook and choose products you are in need to place your bidding.
2. Pay by Paypal to win your RS product. When deadline of each bidding comes, the one with the highest bidding will win our products. Pay RS products with Paypal without any confirmation, and wait for gold delivery.
3. Connect 24/7 Live Chat help. After you have paid for your products with Paypal, if you can’t receive your products in 15mins, please connect 24/7 Live Chat to help you deliver your gold fast.

Are you willing to join in 4rsgold Bidding? If you are interested in this event, just be a fan of 4rsgold Facebook and place your bidding on 4rsgold Facebook Auction. You can also share our bidding event with your friends or even invite your friends to join in us too. The more fans 4rsgold Facebook have, the more discount and amazing events we’ll hold.

Weekly Mimic Show will offer all participators free RS 3 gold giveaways and free RS07 gold giveaways as we did in year 2014. Don’t forget to send us your screenshots with the same place of our intrepid player did. Have fun!

Note: Since all our products bid with $0.10 starting price, then if last three hours are left before the closing time, 4rsgold would like either cancel this product or RS Gold prolong the closing time of this product.

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