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More creatures aligned with Tuska

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More creatures aligned with Tuska

Runescape World Event 3 Tuska launches for few days. While fighting against this skilling boss, many players like me are waiting for High-levelled its new additional islands, new mounts and new tasks. Jagex has confirmed that there will be other races out there, as well as Tuska related stuff and upcoming changes afterwards.

More creatures aligned with Tuska
As we have known, the Aircut worship Tuska’s power so that it is dependent on Tuska at some point. Besides, Jagex has confirmed that it is other races that worship her and align themselves with her. These races are more intelligent and coherent than Aircut. To take down potential Tuska’s allies, you buy runescape gold on 4rsgold at that time.

Besides, there will be more Tuska related stuff after the world event, and the outcome of the event will have an effect on future plot.

But the devs also clarified that there will be no any extra content to the current event, apart from the Astromancer logs for extra lore in the game.

Upcoming changes: crit chance increase and Tuska’s Health bar
It is certain that warpriest affects on the crit chance increase. Currently, it only requires 1 piece for the set effect to be used. However, in future, it will require 3 pieces minimum, similar to the other warpriest gear. At this point, except for runescape gold, powerful rs 3 equipment and weapons also play a great role in this world event.

Besides, something wrong happened to Tuska’s health, and Jagex staff has to tweak the amount she gets based on the previous outcomes.

With the development of World Event Tuska, cheap runescape gold and cheap rs gold weapons are indispensible for players. So prepare what you may need in advance, and never wait for the last minute. Success and opportunity are only given to those who are well-prepared.
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