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How to find Pandora's Box on 4rsgold

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How to find Pandora's Box on 4rsgold

Want to make your fortune in the new year? Why not find Pandora's Box on 4rsgold to get first bucket of free RS gold or Runescape 2007 gold for your game! We will offer Big Fortune package and Good Fortune package to you all. Learn more about this activity:

When you can find Pandora's Box on 4rsgold?
You will be able to find Pandora's Box at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan.18, 2016 on 4rsgold.

What you can get from Pandora's Box
Big Fortune: 1 portion of free 50M RS Gold, 10M RS 07 gold, 3M DS gold, 1M DMM Gold and 10 portions of $100 coupon.
Good Fortuneļ¼š2 portions of free 10M RS Gold, 2M OSRS Gold, 1M DS gold, 300K DMM Gold respectively as well as 10 portions of $50 coupon.

How to find Pandora's Box on 4rsgold?
1. We will hide pictures with certain codes on any page of 4rsgold, such as news page, products page, account page, etc. You can find out these pictures to get free RS gold and more once the activity starts.
2. If you found a code, make sure to place an order with the code as fast as possible since one code only can be used once.
3. Make sure to contact our 24/7 live chat service to claim your rewards once you placed an order successfully.

1. You are not allowed to change your order once you placed your order with the code you found.
2. All these codes are one-off code. One code will be disabled after someone used the code.
3. Visit 4rsgold Facebook to get extra help to find the pictures quickly on 4rsgold.

Wish you have good lucky and get big fortune package on our site. Apart from the free RS gold in Pandora's Box, you will also able to get half-priced Runescape 07 gold, OSRS gold and RS Deadman gold from 50% off sale on 4rsgold. Good luck!


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