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A new tier of clue scroll will be added to this update

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A new tier of clue scroll will be added to this update

Inspiring news for all RS players! Jagex has announced that a brand new treasure trail expansion, which would add a new tier of clue scroll, will be available later this month. Have you joined to discuss the rewards of clue scroll? Hurry up to stock enough RS 07 gold for sale on RSorder if you are eager for the rewards. We spare no effort to provide cheap and legal RuneScape 2007 gold with fast delivery, best service and more.

A new tier of clue scroll will be added to this update.
The upcoming update in treasure trail will add a new tier of clue scroll, which will offer never before seen puzzles, challenges and rewards. At the same time, it becomes difficult to complete. If you are in need of 07 RS gold for sale to help you, just come to our site.

RSorder shows you some possible rewards for clue scroll.
Easy clue scroll:
Red/black/blue ties (the kind you wear with a suit/shirt); wield-able spade; archery trousers, Monk robes (g).
Medium clue scroll:
Lobster pot, Golden hammer and purely cosmetic.
Hard clue scroll:
Impressive Wig (really big/long Raditz-looking hair, except slightly less extreme, more like madara); Samurai armor; Third-age axe/pickaxe and Divine robe set.
Elite clue scroll:
Fancy tuxedo shirt; Dragon Scimitar Ornament kit, Barrows ornament kit.
New tier of clue scroll:
Third-age White Dragon egg; glacial Cape (fire cape with water effect, same stats as god capes); equipable fishing equipment like a hand-net and hand-line; equipable net, a repoll for sailing, axe and pickaxe, etc.

Now you have seen the rewards of the upcoming update of clue scroll in treasure trail. Are you eager for some rewards? Your answer must be “Yes”. The better rewards you want, the more effort you should spare. Just kill monsters bravely in RuneScape game and gather enough cheap 07 RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder to help you gain your favourite rewards. Currently, you can gain up to 8% free Old School Runescape Gold when you place order on our site. And you can get your gold in 10 minutes with best services. Welcome to RSorder to achieve your gold. Have fun!


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