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What happens here is the electricity from the HF welder passes

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What happens here is the electricity from the HF welder passes

High Frequency Welding works like this. First you have the metal and you need to join it. You hook up the ground clamp from the welder to the metal and then you take the welding rod and strike the area like a match where you want to start to weld.
What happens here is the electricity from the welder passes through the rod and arcs at the point of contact creating a temperature of up to 7,000° F. Now the rod begins to melt and the coating around the rod creates a shield from any oxygen that will contaminate the weld. This is why stick welding is technically called SMAW / shielded metal arc welding. It’s a shield around the metal electrode that is arcing. As you move the rod over the joint it keeps melting (more like a spray of metal transferring to the joint) by creating a crater and filling the joint.

Before you begin to weld your project, you need to set your welding machine to the proper setting for the rod you are going to use. This is the most important part. The best welders with a machine that is set incorrectly won’t be able to weld right and a less experienced welder with the right settings will do just fine. A good clean joint and a well set Tarpaulin Welding Machine make a real nice looking and solid weld.


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