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HF Welder is easy to learn

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HF Welder is easy to learn

HF Welder is easy to learn, bit difficult to learn to do correctly.

There are even a lot of professional metal companies out there that abuse MIG, because of a lack of knowledge and not enough attention to all the details.

TLDR; I highly recommend you go with stick welding if your intention is to learn to weld and do small hobby projects.

You can get a top-quality stick welder for about 400$. Stick welders rarely suffer from annoying mechanical and electronic problems like bargain-basement MIG welders do. Cost versus benefits favors stick heavily for somebody doing smalltime stuff, or trying to learn the basics of welding in the first place.

One of the problems with MIG is that it's easy to make a weld that looks good, but is critically weak with lots of lack-of-penetration and lack-of-fusion defects that you simply can't see.

With stick welding, generally if a weld looks good, it will hold the load you want it to. If it's bad it will look bad.

A lot of people buy those imported bargain-basement wire feed welders, quickly learn they don't even know where to start with them. Then they get frustrated with the problems that keep cropping up, and end up letting them gather dust on the shelf for 15 years.


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