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As your High Frequency Welding Machine age you may find connections

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As your High Frequency Welding Machine age you may find connections

As your High Frequency Welding Machine  age you may find connections can become a little loose and contact may not be made quite as well.

When this happens you will notice four things.

    There will be flashes of light at certain points on the machine where contact isn’t being made well.
    Electronic equipment near your machine will begin to act erratically.
    You may experience a slight warming feeling inside parts of your body.
    Component’s may fail more frequently due to “spurious oscillations”.

The last three points are probably symptoms of the first point. So if you want to prevent all these negative events from occurring you clearly need to prevent or at least mitigate the occurrence of number 1.

This is probably the easiest bit of maintaining high frequency plastic welding machines but is unfortunately the most ignored.

When you see flashing/arcing/sparking occur you need to immediately deal with it. If it’s inside the machine then contact your manufacturer about what to do. They may advise you to clean the affected area or it may be symptomatic of something else that is wrong.

If you find that it is occurring on the brass output shims or ground shims then clean the connections and replace them. You must clean the connections thoroughly and if they are too badly eroded then you will need to replace them. If you’re finding it flashing near your insulators it may be because the insulator is dirty or is breaking down. Use an Ohmega to test the insulator and clean the insulators very thoroughly.

If you’re finding flashing/arcing/sparking occurring on covers or other places on the exterior of the machine then make sure a good connection is being made. So take off the screws in that area, replace them if they are damaged, clean the connections in that area and replace. Ensure that all screws are firmly tightened (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN).

When you intervene on flashing early then you will have a high frequency plastic welding machine that HF Welding will not interfere with nearby electronics, won’t give you that weird warm feeling and will have a longer productive life.


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