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Educational Crisis


Educational Crisis

How about some full disclosure? You sound like a serious apologist for the program, which makes me peg you for either an employee of the company that developed it, which means you're motivated by a paycheck, or you are a member of a school system in an administrative or advisory capacity, which means you're motivated by a paycheck.
This method of teaching is patently absurd.
I can solve the educational crisis to write my essay (and it is a crisis by every recognized measure) with easy steps:
1) Pay teachers what they're worth. The average salary for an American elementary school teacher is roughly $54,000 a year. Many enjoy more than that, but many more enjoy less, and you'll find almost all of these teachers in red states that slash education budgets year upon year in favor of sweetheart tax breaks to attract commerce.
2) Stop blaming the teachers for everything. Teachers bear the brunt of everything wrong with the education system, from the out-of-touch curriculum to the dirty cafeteria. Yet the vast majority of folks out there don't know that teachers are rarely given free enough reign to come up with their own lesson plans and curricula without tons of meddling oversight and review, lest something offensive to someone sneak in there (heaven forbid). You never hear how meddlesome, out-of-touch, bone-headed, and just plain incompetent school administration proves themselves over and over to be. Case in point: Many school administrators think this C3PO method of teaching is a GOOD IDEA!


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