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Best iOS Apps to Choose

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Best iOS Apps to Choose

Just bought a new iPhone and are curious about what to install on it first? Well, you’re in luck because this article will cover the best apps you should immediately install. Whether we’re talking about photos, navigation, music or social networks, you will really need these apps.


Just admit it, there’s that website you use a little less often that you always have to reset the password for. Everyone has at least one such website and the process of recovering the password can be really troublesome in certain situations. So why not remember just one password to control them all? Sure, it’s not the first app of its kind, however, the interface and speed are big pluses for 1Password. Even the name rocks, you have to agree.

Google Chrome

Ok, if you’re really an Apple hothead, you might not like this second recommendation. But even the most stubborn Apple users will, eventually, have to admit that there’s nothing out there in terms of browsers to compete with Chrome. Besides being the most used web browser in the world, Chrome has some awesome functions like a cool incognito mode, dozens of built-in accelerators, and a lot of plugins to make it even greater.


Thinking about the fast-paced lives we are living, it’s impossible not to also think about transportation. And what should you choose when it comes to moving from one place to another? A cab? Well, yeah, but as you know, there are a lot of cabs that are old and some of the drivers are usually rude. So, whether you’re a passenger or you are driving to win real money here is the best one of the car-sharing apps.


So, there you go, three out of the hundreds of apps that will definitely make your life easier and your phone experience richer. What’s your all-time favorite app?


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