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Laser Precision Machining Technology

Laser Technology

Laser Precision Machining Technology

Laser processing is the processing of the laser beam acting on the surface of the object and causing the shape or performance of the object to change. The essence is that the laser transmits the energy to the processed material, and the processed material undergoes a physical or chemical change so as to achieve the processing purpose. Processing technology can be divided into four levels: general processing, micro-processing (processing accuracy O.1mm_lμm), precision machining (processing precision 1μm-O. 1μm) and ultra-precision machining (processing accuracy higher than O.1pm).

red laser pointer

There are many advantages to using green laser pointer to measure moisture or other gases. First of all, the laser does not affect the composition and morphology of the gas under test. Second, it can carry out non-contact measurement of dangerous gas remotely to ensure the safety of the tester. Furthermore, its measurement accuracy is very high and the measurement limit may reach PPM Fourth, the monitoring of each gas corresponds to a specific laser wavelength, there is no cross-interference, easy to detect specific components of the mixed gas; Fifth, the sensor is completely optical structure, intrinsically safe, the sensor is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference , Does not produce sparks; Finally, the laser response speed is very fast, you can reach the order of milliseconds. In particular, the response speed of lasers, compared with the problem of slow response speed of traditional measuring instruments, the use of laser detection in the laboratory can reach millisecond and microsecond magnitudes, which is also a revolutionary technological innovation.

Laser precision machining is non-contact processing, will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material; relative to EDM, plasma arc processing, heat-affected zone and deformation is very small, which can process very small parts. Not limited by the number of processing, high power laser processing cheaper for small batch processing services. For the processing of large-sized products, large-scale mold manufacturing costs are high, the laser processing without any mold manufacturing, laser processing and completely avoid the formation of the material when the red edge of the collapse, can greatly reduce the cost of production and improve products The grade Laser cutting kerf is generally 0.1-0.2mm. Laser cutting the cutting surface without burrs.

Laser precision machining of a wide range of objects, including almost all of the metal materials and non-metallic materials; suitable for sintering, drilling, marking, cutting, welding, surface modification and chemical vapor deposition. Electrolytic processing can only process conductive materials, photochemical processing is only applicable to corrosive materials, plasma processing is difficult to process some high melting point materials. The laser beam can be focused to a very small size, making it particularly suitable for precision machining. Laser precision machining quality of the less factors, high precision, in general, are better than other traditional processing methods. From the processing cycle point of view, EDM tool electrode high precision, loss, long processing cycle; electrolysis processing cavity, the cathode surface of the mold design workload, the manufacturing cycle is also very long; photochemical processing procedures Complex; and blue laser pointer precision machining is simple, easy to control the width of the kerf, can be immediately based on computer output patterns for high-speed engraving and cutting, processing speed, processing cycle shorter than other methods.

High-quality, efficient, stable, reliable, cheap laser is the premise of popularization and application of precision machining. One of the development trends of laser precision machining is the miniaturization of processing system. In recent years, the development of diode-pumped laser is very rapid. It has a series of advantages of high conversion efficiency, good work stability, good beam quality and small size, and is likely to become the main laser for next-generation laser precision machining. Processing system integration is another important trend of the development of laser precision machining. The laser processing of various materials systematized and perfected; development of user-friendly, suitable for laser precision machining of special control software, and supported by the corresponding process database; the control, process and 50mw laser pointer combination of light, machine, electricity, material processing integration is the inevitable trend of the development of laser precision machining.

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