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Procedural generation on a planetary scale

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Procedural generation on a planetary scale

Upcoming online game No Man's Sky takes things one step further by procedurally generating entire planets for you to explore. Every planet in the game will be unique, featuring various different environments and topographical combinations. The developers are even claiming that each planet's indigenous flora and fauna will be procedurally generated and entirely unique to that world. The potential for amazing combat and exploration mechanics in such a system is staggering, especially when you consider that the plan is to throw these planets into a persistent online universe. When you explore a planet, that will reportedly affect the online database for other players to see. You could perhaps find someone's crashed ship or stumble upon a forest someone burned down. Of course, this also means that if anyone decides to draw lewd things in the sand, then you'll also have the misfortune of seeing that masterpiece, but I'll gloss over that downside for now!

If Star Citizen hits its $41 million US stretch goal, then Cloud Imperium promises to put together a special development team dedicated to producing similar procedurally generated planets for players to colonise. Inspired by the rampant popularity of Minecraft, the MMO development team at Trion Worlds is set on making a similarly blocky voxel-based MMO called Trove. The title will reportedly blend handcrafted content with Old School rs gold automatically generated zones to create a unique gameplay experience. And let's not forget Love, the fully procedurally generated MMO created by a single developer in which even the artwork is procedural. It has no core quests or content; instead, the player's journey is shaped by the actions of other players. With so many big games on the horizon incorporating similar gameplay, it's clear that procedural generation will play a big part in our gaming future.


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